I am writing a different post today to help a friend who has lost her beautiful little dog, Pixie.

Pixie is a Female Chihuahua cross that ran away from her home when she got spooked on the 6/05/2014. Pixie ran from Fenwick near Matfen/ stamfordam in the NE18 area of North East England.

If you do see anything or may know any information regarding Pixie please do not hesitate to contact 07983619615 or 07519667106


Fashion North Date Night Tutorial

I have been doing some work for Fashion North lately and we filmed a make-up tutorial for a date night that I think would be great to share on Northern Beauty Blog. I wanted to create a really simple effortless make-up look on Emily as it is a fact that men prefer more natural looking make-up.

Let me know what you think!

Katie x

Festival Beauty Kit Essentials!

Festival season is fast approaching and I thought it would be the perfect time to put a post together showing you the beauty must-have’s that I could not go to a festival without!

When it comes to looking after your skin at a festival you want to keep things as simple as possible. Fresh running water is simply not going to be possible in the middle of a field of tents so your most simple and easiest option is facial cleansing wipes. These will remove any make-up and freshen up the skin.

Our pick is Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes, £1.49.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 21.42.20

At festivals, keeping the beauty routine as simple as possible is key. So, we give you special permission to forget the toners and serums (JUST THIS ONCE) and move straight on to moisturiser.

We really like, Garnier Moisture Match Revitalising Hydrating Gel, £5.99 All that partying can take its toll on your skin. Garnier’s Moisture Match moisturiser will revitalise and wake your skin up again giving an immediate sense of freshness and long-lasting hydration.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 21.48.10

You’re going to have no time for make-up so it’s time to skip out many, many steps because quite frankly you do not need it. Your make-up will most likely fall off your face when you get caught in a water-fight anyways.

It’s time to banish the foundation because you simply do not need it! Save time and just apply concealer to area’s which need some attention. I have chosen Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer, £4.19. It’s perfect for covering up under eye darkness and any unwanted blemishes. Simply apply using the dome foot applicator and blend in with your finger.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 22.01.05

Now for the fun part. INJECT COLOUR. Festival’s are all about colour and the more the better. This is the ONLY high end product that I think should be brought to a festival simply because the colour payoff is AMAZING and they can be used wet or dry. If you haven’t guessed it already, I am talking about the Urban Decay Electric Palette, £38.00

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 22.09.34

You can create some really vibrant festival looks super quick with this high pigmented palette. It comes with a double ended brush so application is easy and the mirror is a brilliant size for applying your make-up in.

I created a festival look for Fashion North the other week using this palette:

Colourful make-up must be paired with colourful lashes. the new L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara in Pop Turquoise, £8.99 is amazing for creating full lashes with a bright turquoise colour.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 22.20.14

Add a touch of pink to your lips while keeping them protected with Vaseline’s Rosy Lips, £1.99. This will keep your lips moisturised and protected from the sun while adding a hint of colour.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 22.23.52

Last but not least you need a super funky Make-up bag to hold all your beauty essentials. We love this clear neon yellow make-up bag from ASOS, £10.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 22.36.04

We hope you enjoy the festival season don’t forget to tweet us your festival pictures to #nbbfestival


Northern Beauty Blog Announcement!

If you haven’t seen my tweet yet (why haven’t you?) I am writing to inform you that M.A.C. now sells their products ONLINE!

Yes, you heard it right. No more train travels to London when you run out of Reflects Pearl. You can simply order direct from the website! I have to say I am overjoyed by this as was desperate for some Pro products.

So, what you waiting for? GET SHOPPING!

Beauty Bug Bares

I will warn you in advance for the rant you are about to read but I feel that this post is very necessary! Girls hold on to your seat.

Everyday it pains me when I see make up applied incorrectly or even if there is just too much of it. When you are out shopping have a look around at some faces. See how their make up is applied. I find it is 50/50. Some women have completely perfect faces (I get far too jealous) however I have seen others with seriously bad make up. I mean come on girls, everyone knows that thick black lines above your eyes are NOT under any circumstances your natural eye brows.

Lets take a look at foundation. Stacey Oakes otherwise known as PixiwooHQ, assistant to Sam and Nicola Chapman (Pixiwoo) tells me what she hates most about badly applied makeup:

Stacey HATES the look of Ashy Skin. This can happen when a wrong coloured foundation has been applied and it has then been over powdered. I see this A LOT. It is not a pretty sight. Sometimes powder is not the answer to everything!

Another thing that I see EVERY SINGLE DAY is overdrawn brows. Girls it is not pretty and completely UNNATURAL. I have done it before and regretted it so much.

In August, 2013 I was lucky enough to meet Samantha Chapman. Her and her sister, Nicola Haste, set up the (in my opinion) best YouTube make up channel ever! About 18 months ago she did a video for Real Techniques (her make up brush company) Explaining how not to apply make up.

I found this video really interesting and some of the things I didn’t even realise I was doing.

When watching the video, you will see the difference in eyebrows. To the left are how your brows SHOULD look and to the right are how you SHOULD NOT wear your brows.

A lot of people like to fill in their lips to make them look fuller. However when the wrong shade of pencil is chosen, it can make the lips look a whole lot worse. When I want to fill in my lips a good trick is to use your brow pencil. This is the perfect colour as it is not to pink and matches well with the lips making them look fuller.



When I met Tanya Burr

Last year, I entered a competition on Daily Mix (Youtube Channel) where I would be able to go and get my make up done in London by the lovely Tanya Burr.

When you entered you had to say which celebrity you thought you looked like and why.

I said that every body tells me I look like Adele. (I don’t see it) And I said it was because of my fringe and black eye liner.

You then had to say why you think they should pick you and why you would like your make up done by Tanya.

I can’t remember what I said now. (It was over a year ago!) However, it must have been good because I won!

I got the chance to go to London for DailyMix and get my make up applied by Tanya for an Adele tutorial. I absolutely loved it! Tanya was my youtube idol. I thought she was amazing on Youtube and her videos were (still are) so inspiring. I felt blessed to be chosen to star in one.

After the filming I got the chance to explore Covent Garden before coming home and it was beautiful. The shops were so pretty and as ever, I wanted to buy everything.

Me and my mum then went to Carluccios for dinner and then headed back up north for home and amazingly we were home before midnight!


An Ode to Hydraluron

Recently I have been taking a keen interest in making sure I take good care of my skin. I have quite problematic skin and have been trying out products to get it on the road back to normality.


I have always wondered why my skin has soaked up my foundation and it has always extremely frustrated me when my foundation does not last past 12pm.


After much research and lots of help from one AMAZING blog by the skincare goddess that is Caroline Hirons, I have found out a lot about my skin and I thought it was about time I shared this with you.


You know that problem I mentioned earlier? Turns out it’s dehydrated skin AND there is a way to get rid of it!


If you want to know more about Dehydrated skin and how to get rid of it, you can find out in the article I wrote for Fashion North last week – Dry or Dehydrated Skin: Do You Know The Difference


So, Caroline has mentioned many times of her holy grail product: Hydraluron. This is a rehydrating serum from Indeed Labs. It is packed with hyaluronic acid. This is an ingredient which is vital for rehydrating the skin. It holds up to 1000x its weight in water.


Now onto the effects. Is this really working?


The answer? YES IT IS. This tiny little product that I have added to my skincare routine has completely changed my skin for the better. My skin is a lot more rehydrated. It is more plump and holds make up really well. I no longer experience any flakiness of the skin.


Because my skin is now more rehydrated, I have noticed that the overall condition of my skin has improved and, slowly, it is on the road to normality. Because there isn’t as much flakiness, the skin isn’t over producing oil to compensate for the dryness… Longer lasting make up HOORAH



All of this is down to this one little product. My opinion? The best thing I have found for my skin in a long time.


Would I recommend this product? ABSOLUTELY YES.


Recently Indeed Labs have released Hydraluron moisture boosting masks. What are your opinions? are they worth the hype? I would love to hear from you



High End Products Wish List

No matter how much make up I have, I always think there is room for more! Whenever I visit SpaceNK or Fenwicks Beauty Hall in Newcastle, I always come away with products added to my wish list! I have put together a list of my top 5 High End products that I wish I owned!

1. Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 21.14.55

I’ve had so many people rave to me about this product urging me to get it however I still haven’t gotten round to it. I used it last year when I went on the Pixiwoo Intensive Beauty Course. I liked that it gave the skin a subtle warmth with a velvety finish. This product is £31.

2. Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold 

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 23.47.21

I have heard A LOT about this product. Move over MAC’s Soft and Gentle, there’s a new wonder highlighter and I need it now! According to hundred’s of reviews this is the only highlighter that gives the most natural looking glow. I NEED THIS GLOW. £30.

3. Tom Ford Brow Sculpter

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 23.16.24

When it comes to filling in my brows I like to keep them fairly natural looking but still keeping them very defined. The Tom Ford Brow Sculptor appeals to me because it is a wax based pencil which allows for precision and easy application allowing me to create a natural yet perfectly groomed look. £34.

4. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick 

I have heard many things about this lipstick. According to many other bloggers this is one heck of a lipstick. It is supposed to be moisturising and and leave shine finish. The lipstick has a big range of colours and the packaging is simply beautiful. Who could not want this lipstick? £25 

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 11.44.47

5. Charlotte Tilbury Make-Up Bag

I have found a beautiful makeup bag and I want it now. As you can see the Make-up bag s covered in lipstick prints from some of the most iconic women in fashion such as; Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Carine Roitfeld, Stella McCartney and Alice Temperley. On the back the make-up bag has a lovely quote “Give a woman the right make-up and she can conquer the world”. Oh my… The more I write about this the more I want it… Need it. £15 

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 12.17.38Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 12.18.39


Let me know what high end products you are wishing for. In the meantime I am off to order this beautiful makeup bag… I can’t resist.

My Relationship With…Fenwicks Beauty Hall, Newcastle

If your addiction to make up is somewhat like mine then you will understand the excitement that waves over you as you walk into Fenwick’s Beauty Hall.

Why may you ask? Simply because, to me, the whole experience gives off a feel of luxury. This is one of my favourite places to go make up shopping and once you have been you will understand where I am coming from.

I could easily spend 1-2 hours at a minimum browsing the different counters. I love looking at each of the different counters seeing what their latest wonder products that they have to offer. And all of the staff are so friendly and helpful as well.

I’m sure if you were very crafty you could go around each of the counters trying out products for each steps of your makeup routine and at the end you could come out with a full face of  make up.

I love looking at counters such as Tom Ford, Chanel, Armani and last but not least MAC. The Mac counter in Fenwicks is good for spacing out their products meaning that when it is busy it doesn’t get too over crowded like other counters I have experienced.

Sorry for the bad quality it was the only image google could find.

Sorry for the bad quality it was the only image google could find.

Another counter favourite of mine is the Chanel counter. Again I love the luxury feel when you step into the counter. It’s like stepping into a stand alone store. The lighting, the point of sales stands, the smell of Chanel No5 and the make up is just to die for. Girls, if you haven’t tried their cream blushers yet I would urge you to do so. They really are worth the hype. 

Where do you like to go shopping for your beauty products? Let me know

Dry or Dehydrated Skin: Do You Know the Difference?

This was my first article that I published on Fashion North last week. It explains the difference between dry and dehydrated skin and gives tips on how you can help both. I hope you like it.

When it comes to skincare, deciding whether you have dry or dehydrated skin can cause confusion. They have similar characteristics yet have different underlying reasons.

Dry Skin

This is normally a temporary skin condition. It is caused by a lack of oil in the skin and you may experience a tight feeling after cleansing or dry flakes which are dead skin cells.

This can prevent your moisturiser from soaking deep into the skin. Blackheads and spots can still appear so don’t be fooled. Dry skin can be easily irritated so be careful and gentle when cleansing.

Dehydrated Skin

This is caused by a lack of water in the skin. Your skin can still feel tight and dry although it can confusingly look oily and still cause breakouts.

Your skin will absorb moisturisers quickly and you may feel as though you are using more product than you should.

The environment, especially in the winter, can cause dehydrated skin. Wind, cold, air conditioning and central heating are all factors that can reduce the moisture levels in the skin, as well as your diet.

Reducing your sugar intake and increasing your water intake can really help. Aim to have at least 8 glasses of water per day.



Do upgrade your moisturiser specialised for dry or dehydrated skin. Look out for products labelled with “nourishing”, “hydrating” and “replenishing.”

Do make sure that you’re not using products that are too harsh which can strip the skin from its natural oils.

Do use balms, oils and serums, milks, specified oils and treatments for dry skin.

Don’t use skincare containing mineral oils, silicone (in skincare, not makeup), lanolin and strong fragrances as this will cause your skin to cry for help

Do use skincare products containing hyaluronic acid like the one above (sounds scary, it’s not), hold up to 1000 times its weight in water so it will help to rehydrate and plump your skin. Find the Hydraluron Moisture Booster (£16.99) from your local Boots store or online.

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